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Program Summary

VENTI Wallet Product Overview

The VENTI Wallet technology suite is a state of the art payment management system that was created to significantly reduce the costs of moving money to family and friends. VENTI Wallet has created a PayPal type mobile wallet account system that is equivalent to a virtual savings account. It has also integrated an add-on Prepaid Debit Card. By combining and integrating these two products, VENTI Wallet has built a very powerful mobile commerce product suite that has led to an extremely cost efficient money movement strategy within the U.S. as well as internationally.

Mobile Wallet Program (Virtual Savings Account)

A simple private label PayPal type of service where customers can load money via cash, credit card, US checking / savings account, and receive money from other mWallet users.

Customers can move funds off their account to any US checking / savings account, to other mWallet users, make ILD calls, pay for their VENTI Wireless Cellular Services, or move money to their VENTIPrepaid Debit Card or companion card. This mWallet account has NO monthly fees attached.

Prepaid Debit Card Program

Customers can choose to add on an optional Prepaid Debit Card which will provide them access to domestic and International ATM networks as well as use anywhere Prepaid Debit Card is accepted. Money can be FREELY moved from their mWallet account to their Prepaid Debit Card in real time and all using a proprietary state of the art data application that works on an IOS and Android device.

Customers can order a companion Prepaid Debit Card and mail that card to loved ones abroad. Once they have that companion card, money can be freely moved from the mWallet to the companion card in real time and again for FREE. Family members can use the card anywhere Prepaid Debit Card is accepted and / or take out funds at virtually any ATM.

Mobile Wallet Account (Virtual Savings Account)

NO monthly fee

There are no monthly fees for the mWallet. This account can used as a holding account to move money to your Prepaid Debit Card account.

Enhanced mobile access

Customers can manage their account on the go using our private label iPhone App, Android App, WAP, and feature robust website.

Free Prepaid Debit Card transfers

Transfer funds from a Mobile Wallet account to the Prepaid Debit Card are FREE and are completed in real time.

Free account to account transfers

Transfer funds onto a Mobile Wallet account from any other mWallet account holder for FREE and in real time.

Request Funds

mWallet users can request funds from other mWallet users for FREE. No more paying 3% of your money to request money for payment of good and services.

Cheap international calls

Customers can use their Mobile Wallet account and or Prepaid Debit Card to make international long distance calls at a fraction of the cost.

'Request Funds' Merchant Payment Processing

VENTI Wallet has the ability to allow large and small merchants to integrate into simple APIs to allow their customers to use the VENTI Wallet "Pending Payments" Request funds functionality. Customers can use funds on their mobile wallet to pay for a merchant's products and services but with NO merchant costs and expensive chargebacks. This saves merchants 1.5% to 3% of their revenue and eliminates 2%-3% bad debt.

Mobile Wallet (Pricing)

Transaction Cost
Load funds from any U.S. checking/savings account $1.00 per transaction
Transfer funds to any U.S. checking/savings account $1.00 per transaction
Load funds from a credit card (limit of $250 per individual load) 5% of transaction
Transfer funds to/from one mWallet user to another FREE
Transfer funds to Prepaid Debit Card FREE
Request Funds / Micro Payments Merchant Processing FREE

Prepaid Debit Card

Low cost, full service fulfillment

Prepaid Debit Card (Retail Pricing)

Get Started
Card purchase fee $0.00 Cost for your plastic card
Card activation fee $0.00 Cost to activate card
Account registration fee $0.00 Registering your account
Monthly Usage
Monthly fee $0.00 Monthly charge taken from card balance
Add Money
Retail load $2.00 Loading funds at a retail location*
Direct deposit $0.00  
Bank-to-card transfer $0.00 Transferring funds from a bank to your card
Spend Money
POS PIN debit purchase $0.00 Using your PIN for a purchase
POS signature purchase $0.00 Using our signature only for a purchase
POS PIN purchase (declined) $0.00 Point of sale transaction declined
POS SIG purchase (declined) $0.00 Signature transaction declined
Get Cash
ATM withdrawal fee (US) $1.95 ATM cash withdrawal
Bank teller withdrawal $2.00 Withdrawing funds from a bank
ATM withdrawal (declined) $0.50 ATM cash withdrawal declined
Customer service (live agent) $0.00 Live agent support fee
ATM balance inquiry $0.50 Checking your balance at an ATM
Using Your Card Outside the U.S.
Foreign Exchange Fee 3% Fee if card is used outside of the United States
ATM withdrawal (int’l) $2.50 Withdrawing money from an ATM outside of the US , a foreign exchange fee of 3% will apply
ATM withdrawal (declined) (int’l) $0.50 ATM decline fee
POS PIN debit purchase (int’l) $0.00 POS debit PIN purchase using chip or magstripe
POS signature purchase (int’l) $0.00 POS debit signature purchase using chip or magstripe
POS PIN purchase (declined) (int’l) $0.00 POS debit PIN decline using chip or magstripe
POS SIG purchase (declined) (int’l) $0.00 POS debit signature decline using chip or magstripe
Inactivity $3.95 Inactivity begins after 120 days after the last transaction in the account
Close card $0.00 Fee to close the card
Replace card $0.00 Fee for replacing a lost/stolen/closed card
Prepaid Companion Card purchase fee $0.00 Cost for your Prepaid Companion plastic card
Prepaid Companion Card Shipping & Handling $0.00 Prepaid Companion Card shipping and handling per order
* Load locations include Vanilla and Green Dot. Additional fees at the card load location may apply.

Customer Identity Verification Requirements

Customers that wish to not have a greater balance on their account than $500 do not have to have their identity verified. If customers go through a quick identity verification, then they can keep a max balance of $20,000 on their Prepaid Debit Card. To run identity verification, customers are just required to provide their Name, Address, SS# or TIN.

International Move Money

Customers can purchase additional cards and mail those cards to their loved ones anywhere in the world. Once you family member has a card you can then move money from your mWallet account to their Prepaid Debit Card in real-time and at no cost. Card holders can use anywhere their card anywhere Prepaid Debit Card is accepted and can take out funds at virtually any ATM worldwide. This money movement technology costs a small fraction of the cost of all other money movement services. Plus all accounts have their own account number and routing number and all funds are even FDIC insured.

Account Balance Separation Strategy

Your Mobile Wallet account was created to be a savings account. The Mobile Wallet account and Prepaid Debit Card account has been built so that they each have their own separate account balances for more versatility of use. Money can be moved freely from one Mobile Wallet account to another and money can be moved to the Prepaid Debit Card in real time and at no cost to the consumer.

iOS and Android Data Application

VENTI Wallet has built an iPhone App, Android App, WAP, and online computer website to allow customers to manage their money. The Mobile Apps and the WAP site allow customers to untether themselves from their computer and securely manage their money remotely.

Private Label Mobile Data Application